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Quinoa & black bean salad

I discovered a delicious and healthy summer salad that’s full of protein and really easy to make. Mexican food seems to be the new big thing in Sydney at the moment, so I thought I’d get on the bandwagon with this Mexican-inspired salad.

As I’ve previously mentioned I tend not to measure ingredients unless I’m following a complicated recipe, so if you try this just go with your own instinct.

quinoa, mexican, salad

Mexican style quinoa & black bean salad


Quinoa (cooked as per packet instructions) – I’ve used white quinoa here but I prefer the red variety

Black beans/Kidney beans


Red capsicum/pepper






Olive oil

Lime juice

Garlic crushed

Chipotle chilli finely chopped/Cayenne pepper

Salt and pepper

Caster sugar – just a pinch


All you have to get this on the plate is combine the salad ingredients in a big bowl, mix the dressing and pour over the salad. To add a bit of crunch to this dish I serve it with corn chips.