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More than just mushrooms and tofu

Mushrooms galore at Borough Market, London

Welcome to my blog!

Blogging is a new activity for me, I don’t think I’m going to be great at this or as good as many out there but it looks like fun so I’m giving it a shot! 🙂

I (like many others out there) love food and am constantly thinking about it – what am I making for dinner, reading all the new cafe and restaurant reviews, watching cooking shows – I’m obsessed!

The problem I have is that I’m vegetarian… Some of you might find it surprising to hear (or disagree) but Sydney doesn’t offer as much variety as I had hoped for. Things are slowly changing and restaurants are moving on from the old faithful (mushroom risotto), but still many only offer one vegetarian option as a main course. I have found though that some restaurants will make you something different if you ask and explain your situation.

I love discovering new eateries, which offer something slightly different from the norm, and also revisiting old favourites. So it’s very likely that I’ll be writing about my delicious experiences.

As well as eating out I love cooking (not much of a baker though), which I find fairly therapeutic, but I’m not a big recipe follower so I tend not to measure ingredients and just go by feel/taste. If I do post any recipes here it’s highly likely that there won’t be many measurements so please take it all with a pinch of salt… 😉

In addition to my obsession with food I am also partial to the odd glass of wine or a cocktail, so don’t be surprised to find a post on wines, cocktails or bars from time to time.

If you take the time to read my posts I hope you find them useful. I hope to improve with time.

Over and out!