Food likes & dislikes

This post may explain some of my future recipe posts…

So, other than being a vegetarian I’m not particularly fussy about food. I am however, not a huge fan of onions so I rarely use them in my cooking – I’ve been know to be reduced to tears just being within the vicinity of sautéing onions! If any of my recipe posts look like they need an onion or two, go ahead and throw them in.

I absolutely love mushrooms and if possible would eat them everyday. I tend to cook mushroom risotto pretty often, thought it’s not a dish I would necessarily order at a restaurant as my own creation is pretty tasty.

My real addiction is chillies – they tend to go into everything, even the most unlikely dishes! To ensure that I’m never left short there’s always a jar of these red hotties in my freezer.

A bowl full of hotties

Time to think about my first recipe post…

Ciao for now


One response to “Food likes & dislikes

  • Peppermint tea thyme

    Whilst I love onions, the rest certainly relates to me too! I use mushrooms in everything, make chicken and mushroom risotto with peas all the time, and would add chilli to my cereal to make it taste better.. Coz chilli goes with everything!

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